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New Perspectives after 'Medically Exhausted (medically declared incurable )'

Aktualisiert: 5. Feb.

Medically exhausted in conventional medicine still doesn't mean medically exhausted in TCM

"medically declared incurable (medically exhausted)" is a medical diagnosis used in modern conventional medicine to describe a specific illness that cannot be completely cured with current medical knowledge and techniques. In contrast, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) considers diseases from a different perspective and may attempt therapeutic interventions even in cases labeled as "medically declared incurable (medically exhausted)"

TCM employs a distinct approach from conventional medicine, emphasizing the balance of natural elements within the human body. TCM often utilizes a comprehensive strategy to identify the underlying causes of symptoms and diseases, offering individually tailored treatments to patients. Therefore, TCM may attempt treatments for diseases diagnosed as "medically declared incurable (medically exhausted)"

While the effectiveness of TCM treatments is not guaranteed in all cases, and not all diseases can be cured, TCM can provide support based on the patient's condition and individual characteristics, helping alleviate symptoms and improve overall quality of life. It is crucial to always consult with medical professionals and consider a holistic medical approach. #incurable disease #untreatable symptoms #alternative therapy #tcm-therapy in frankfurt oberursel #chronic disease tcm acupuncture

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